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Auto auctions are a method of selling used vehicles based on auction system. Auto auctions are almost always exclusive to automotive dealers. Auction prices often reflect whole sale prices for vehicles. 


Premier House of Cars offers our customers an opportunity to purchase vehicles directly from auctions for a fee. We will gather the information about the vehicle a customer is looking to buy. Based on that, we can review the upcoming auctions lists to locate a suitable vehicle.  You will pay the price of the vehicle, auction buyer fee and transportation fee for the vehicle.  Our flat fee depends on the price of the vehicle.  For example, for vehicles up to $5000, we'll charge a flat fee of $150.  That's would give you savings of $1,500-$3,000 per car.  This works perfectly for exporters as neither sales tax nor registration is required.  If you would like to register the vehicle for personal use, we will do the rest of the paperwork for $150 (vehicles up to $5000) and you will pay for smog, document fee, tax and registration.  It's still going to be cheaper than buying from a dealer where no dealer will sell a vehicle for a profit of $150.


Please contact our representatives to find out more about the process of buying a vehicle directly from an auto auction.

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